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What is


Happy Pot allows you to simplify your group money collections quickly and securely. It is the ideal solution for group gifts (birthdays, housewarmings, farewell parties, etc.) and for organizing events among friends (holidays, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties, etc.). The organizer no longer needs to advance the expenses related to the purchase of a common gift or the organization of an event. The organizer creates their common pot in a few seconds, shares it with their close ones who participate online with their credit cards. Once the common pot is completed, the organizer can use the money as they wish (contact us to make a transfer to a bank account).


How do you ensure the safety of transactions on Happy Pot?


We have implemented several measures to ensure the safety of transactions:

  1. SSL/TLS Security Protocol: Our site uses an SSL/TLS security protocol (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) to encrypt data transmitted between the user’s browser and our servers. This ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information such as payment details.

   2. Partnership with Secure Payment Services: We collaborate with reputable and secure payment service providers. They offer advanced security protocols for online transactions and contribute to building user trust.

   3. Compliance with Security Standards: Our platform complies with current security standards, such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which defines best practices for securing payment card information.

   4. Privacy and Security Policy: We have a transparent privacy policy that explains how user data is collected, stored, and used. We also provide detailed information about the security measures in place to protect this data.

   5. Monitoring and Detection of Suspicious Activities: We implement monitoring systems to detect any suspicious activity or unusual transactions. This can help identify fraud attempts quickly.

  6. Transparent Communication: We communicate transparently with our users about the security measures we have implemented.

   7. Regular Updates: Our platform is constantly updated with the latest security patches to maintain a secure online environment.


Are there any conditions to meet to create a common pot?


There are no specific conditions to create a common pot. There is no minimum or maximum amount to adhere to. However, we commit to closing any common pot conveying a message of a violent, racist, or pornographic nature.


Do I need an account to create a common pot?


Yes, you need to create an account to create a common pot. We require certain information to provide you with the necessary details about your common pot and to maximize the security of our service.


How do I create my Happy Pot account ?


You can directly visit the Happy Pot homepage and click on “Sign Up.” It only takes a few seconds to complete your personal information (name, email address, etc.). The activation link is sent to you by email. To complete your registration, please click on the activation link in the email.


How do I create my common pot ?


You first need to log in to your account with your username and password, then select the “Create a pot” menu. It only takes a few seconds to complete the information about your pot. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.


What are the different methods for ending a campaign ?


There are 3 types of fundraising completion methods:

1. Target Goal: This method sets a specific amount to be reached for the fundraiser. Contributors can donate until the target amount is achieved. Even after reaching the goal, the fundraiser can continue to receive contributions beyond the initial target.

– Advantage: Flexibility to exceed the initial goal, allowing for fundraising beyond the targeted amount.

2. Target Date: With this method, the fundraiser has a predefined end date. Contributors can donate until this specific date. After the deadline, it will no longer be possible to add new contributions to the fundraiser.

– Advantage: Enables planning fundraising for events or projects with a fixed deadline.

3. Campaign never ends: This method means the fundraiser has no predefined end date or specific goal. It remains open indefinitely, allowing people to make continuous donations without a time restriction.

– Advantage: Suitable for continuous or long-term fundraising, providing maximum flexibility to receive donations at any time.


Once the pot is created, how can I view it ?


Select the menu ‘My Account’, then ‘My money pots’ (being logged in beforehand is necessary). You will see your dashboard with your pots. Click on the name of your pot and then copy the link into your browser to view it.


After creating the pot, how can I modify it?


You can modify your existing pot from your personal space by following these steps:

– Log in to your personal account

– Click on ‘My account’ then on ‘My pots’, scroll down to the name of the pot in question

– Click on the ‘Edit’ button to the right of the pot name

– Make all your modifications then click on ‘Submit’


How do I share the pot or invite friends to participate in my pot?


Once on the page of your communal pot, simply copy the link located at the top of your browser. Then, you can paste it directly into your messages (or any other communication channel or social media) to share it with your loved ones or friends.


What category of pot should I choose?


There are public pots that will be displayed in the “Solidarity pots” menu and visible to everyone. These are categories not followed by the indication “(private).”

Private categories followed by the indication “(private)” are only visible to people with whom you have shared the link.


How do I customize my pot?


Customizing your common pot (adding a photo, description, etc.) is done during its creation. You can, of course, modify each of the options afterward. Note: a well-informed common pot (photo + attractive description) often ensures its success. This will only take you a few seconds.


What do the participant display options mean: Contributor Table and Contributor Anonymity?


When creating the pot, you have several participant display options:

       If you do not check any option, the different contributions will not be displayed on the site. Only the total amount will be shown.

       If you only check the “Contributor Table” option, participants and the amount of their contributions will be displayed.

       If you also check the “Contributor Anonymity” option, the names of participants will be replaced by “Anonymous,” but the amount of each contribution will still be displayed.


What happens if the goal amount is not reached?


The goal you indicate on your pot is only indicative. If you fail to reach your goal or exceed it, it does not change anything. You can still use the collected money as you see fit.


What happens if participants want to contribute after the deadline for my common pot has passed?


It is important to note that the indicated dates are effective. This means that once the pot has surpassed the end date, it is no longer possible to make donations to this pot, although the pot remains open.


Who has access to my common pot?


Access to your common pot depends on the category you choose. If it is a private category (indicated as private in parentheses next to the category when you create your common pot), it will not be published on the Happy Pot site. All other categories are published on the Happy Pot site. So, it depends on your category choice. However, you can share the link of a private category with your friends and acquaintances. They will have access and can support your common pot.


Who can see the participants in my common pot?


Everyone can see who has participated in a common pot, unless the participant has chosen to remain “anonymous” when making a donation or you have hidden the names or display of participants when creating your common pot.


Who can see the amount of the pot?


Everyone can see the amount of your common pot.


In what situation do I need to provide supporting documents?


As part of the fight against fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, we are legally obligated to verify your identity when you accumulate more than 500 CHF in collections.


Once the pot is created, can the pot be cancelled and can you refund each participant individually?


We can only cancel a pot if there have been no contributions. Please note that our policy does not allow us to process individual refunds. However, we can refund you the entire pot and provide you with a list of participants along with their contact information so you can proceed with individual refunds.


We are able to refund the entire pot to the original account upon request of the pot creator. We would like to inform you that according to our terms and conditions, the 5% commission is also included in the total amount of the pot and will be charged during the refund. We want to assure you that these fees cover the platform maintenance costs and associated banking services, without generating additional profits for our company.

How to make a contribution?


1.   Go to the pot’s link.

2.   Specify the desired contribution amount.

3.   Click on “Make a donation”.

4.   Provide your personal information: first name, last name, address, and email.

5.   Select the preferred payment method (Bank transfer, Credit Card, Visa, or Twint).

6.   Choose whether to display your name on the communal pot page by checking or unchecking the “Make me anonymous” checkbox.

7.   Confirm.

8.   Fill in your payment information.

9.   The payment is automatically confirmed, and the pot creator is notified of your contribution. Note: If it’s a bank transfer, the payment is confirmed only upon receipt of funds in the Happy Pot bank account.


Do Participants Need to Create an Account?


To participate in a common pot, it is not mandatory to create an account.


How to hide mname during my contribution?


You have the choice to display or not your name in the list of contributions.


What to do If mcontribution was not registered?


Several reasons could explain a payment issue; contact us directly, indicating the email with which you participated. We will easily identify the reasons for the problem.


Will I receive a payment confirmation?


You will, of course, receive a summary email. If, after some time, you still haven’t received it, check your spam folder, and feel free to contact us by email.


What payment methods are accepted?


All contributions to a common pot can be made by bank transfer, Twint, or credit card.


How does the Verification of my Credit Card (3D Secure) work?


3D Secure authenticates that you are the owner of the credit card used during payment. Each bank has its own authentication method.


Is mpayment secure?


We work with our banking partners Paypal & Twint Business, which manages the entire payment platform, as well as transaction security.contrtibut

When will I receive the funds from my Pot ?


You can request the transfer amount from your pot at any time. Therefore, there is no time limit.

Can I withdraw my funds even if the target is not reached or the deadline has not passed?


Yes, you have the option to withdraw your funds at any time, regardless of whether the target is reached or the deadline has passed. You can decide to withdraw your funds whenever you wish.


How to retrieve the funds from my Pot ?


Simply contact us by email ( and provide us with:

 – The link to your fund

 – Your bank details

Then, we will process a bank transfer immediately.


 – The refund of the Pot leads to the permanent closure of the fund.

 – The refund request must be made by the creator of the Pot and from the same email address used to create the fund.

– If the amount in the pot exceeds 500 CHF, we require an ID for security reasons.


I received an email informing me that a contribution was made via bank transfer, but this amount does not appear in the pot.


This concerns a bank transfer / donation pledge for which we have not yet received the amount in our bank account. That is why it does not show up in the pot. We validate bank transfers as soon as we see them on the account, and they will be automatically reflected in the pot. Regarding your specified transfer, it will only appear in your pot once the transfer has been effectively processed.


Can I request multiple bank transfers without closing the Pot ?


We only offer a one-time transfer when closing the fund. Exceptionally, when the Pot is substantial (over 40,000 CHF), it is possible to withdraw your Pot in multiple installments without closing it.


Where can I find my BIC and IBAN?


They are present on your bank identity statement (in a checkbook, for example). The BIC consists of 11 characters, and the IBAN consists of 27 characters.


When will I receive my transfer ?


It can take from 2 to 7 days. After submitting your complete transfer request with all the necessary information and identification document, you will receive a transfer confirmation email. Upon receiving this email, you will need to consider the banking processing times for the funds from your pot to be transferred to your bank account. If you are waiting for the approval of your identification documents, your transfer request will be processed automatically once your documents are approved.

How to log in to my account ?


To log in to your Happy Pot account, go to the main menu under “My Account / Login”. You can enter your email address and password directly. If you encounter difficulties, feel free to contact us at or by using our contact form. We will be happy to assist you!


In what situation do I need to provide supporting documents ?


As part of the fight against fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, we are legally required to verify your identity when you accumulate more than 500 CHF in collections. This process allows you to definitively validate your account to fully and securely enjoy our services.


How to modify my personal information ?


Log in to your account and click on Profile Details. You will have the option to edit your profile information.


How can I delete my account ?


To delete your account, simply log in, go to the “My Account” menu, then the “My Funds” menu. In the left menu, click on “Delete Account.” Please let us know the reason so that we can improve the quality of our service. Your feedback is always valuable to us!


I forgot my password


Go to “My Account / Login”. At the bottom, click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the procedure.

To obtain the complete list of received contributions, there are several options:


1. Option 1: Simply log in to your account -> click on the ” My money pots ” menu, then click on the ” Pledges received ” menu. If there are multiple pages: to view subsequent commitments (not just the most recent ones), go to the next page (bottom right, click on “next page”): if you don’t see one of these buttons, it may be caused by your internet browser not being up-to-date, we recommend using another internet browser or updating yours.


2. Option 2: You can display the list of contributors on the Pot page by going to your account -> ” My money pots ” -> click on “Edit” next to the name of the Pot you want to modify, check the option below, and submit:

 3. Option 3. Contact us via email by specifying the name or link of your Pot.


Is Happy Pot a free service?


The creation of an account on our website, as well as the creation of a common Pot, is entirely free! When it comes to contributing to your Pot, bank transfer contributions are free of charge. Only contributions via credit card or Twint are subject to the cost charged by the external financial payment institution that manages credit cards and Twint business (no additional cost charged by Happy Pot). Upon closing the fund, a small commission is deducted to cover only the maintenance and management costs of the website.


Is there a commission deducted?


You can find all the information regarding our commission by clicking on the following link:

How to contact us ?



Our FAQs answer the most common questions. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact us at

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